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SP Insight (SPI) helps our clients recognize, and profit from, growth opportunities. We catalyze organic growth through shared market insight that leads to compelling product/service offerings and coordinated execution of profitable business models.

SPI works closely with client teams to:

  • Reveal new market opportunities through careful observation (ethnography) and rigorous economic modeling (value analysis)
  • Conceive new product and service offerings that offer compelling value to customers
  • Define business models and set pricing that capture a significant portion of the additional value as profit
  • Execute confidently by identifying and addressing potential scenarios and risk factors

SPI staffs all projects with seasoned professionals with significant industry experience in strategic marketing, product development, general management and new business creation. We tailor our approach to your capabilities and budget, preferring to make maximum use of client resources.

SPI may be able to help you if:

  • Your business environment is changing rapidly, and you need a robust response to potential opportunities and threats
  • You want to fuel business growth by finding new business market opportunities
  • You worry that your business is missing profit opportunities due to suboptimal offerings, positioning, pricing or business models

"SPI helped us develop a winning go-to-market strategy and initiate key OEM business relationships. The engagement resulted in building immediate credibility in the market which kick started the business unit's growth."

General Manager
Software Group

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