How We Work

SPI will work with your team to:

  • Anticipate industry scenarios and growth opportunities
  • Understand customer value
  • Translate your capabilities into compelling offerings
  • Position solutions for all stages of the value chain
  • Develop an effective business model and associated partnerships
  • Price for profit
  • Structure robust execution plans for
    • Maximum effectiveness
    • Minimum risk

The guiding principles of our methodology, developed through years of first hand experience are:

  • Insight into value generation is the key to success
    • If you are operating in a competitive market, your long term market position depends on creating value for your customers
    • Similarly, your long term business success depends on capturing a fair portion of that value as profit
    • Delivering and capturing value starts with insight into how value is created

  • A system perspective enhances insight
    • We recognize that all businesses are integral members of a broader value system, and employ a comprehensive framework to characterize how value is (can be) created and captured within that system
    • Systems can evolve in counterintuitive ways. We analyze how technology and market trends will affect the interactions of players within your value system to anticipate potential scenarios…and how you can influence the outcome

  • Discovery must precede confirmation
    • Companies often overlook opportunities by adhering to conceptual models that no longer reflect how value is perceived and generated
    • SPI approaches all market exploration as a “dialogue of discovery” where we learn how key stakeholders conceive of value before creating a conceptual model of value formation that drives subsequent decisions

  • Risk should be confronted, not avoided
    • Risk is unavoidable, especially for significant new initiatives. We help you characterize and resolve risks to maximize the probability of success and minimize downside exposure

"SPI worked with our team to identify growth opportunities and define an expanded network services offering. Three years later our services business had grown to the point where we asked SPI back to help us spin it off."

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