Representative Projects

  • Ethnographic market sensing and scenario analysis for a security monitoring business leading to a successful anticipation of, and response to, entry of large IT-based competitors.

  • Ethnographic study revealing unaddressed needs in the hand care market, leading to the development of new product concepts for on-the-go use.

  • Strategic analysis of long term electric shaver selection and repurchase patterns leading to a new branding and customer retention strategy.

  • Opportunity identification and services roadmap development for a network equipment vendor leading to significant growth in a nascent IT managed services business.

  • Development of a building system value model to evaluate market response to combinations of sustainable building technologies and the corresponding impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Innovation portfolio analysis leading to focused growth strategy for consumer packaged goods vendor.

  • Opportunity identification, value modeling and execution planning for industrial equipment remote monitoring technology.

  • Opportunity identification for hybrid electric power train technology in off road equipment market.

  • Investment Strategy for a state clean energy technology fund.

  • Opportunity identification for photovoltaic systems technology.

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