Key Methodologies

SPI tailors projects to your circumstances. This often includes that customization of existing methodologies. Commonly employed methodologies include:

  • Customer Insight (Ethnography, Voice of the Customer)
    • Identify unexploited opportunities to create customer value through direct observation of suboptimal practices and missed opportunities that can be addressed with new offerings and/or business models
  • Value system mapping
    • Characterize value system participant offerings, capabilities, business models and strategic intent
  • Scenario analysis
    • Characterize technological trends, market dynamics, and external social and economic factors
    • Anticipate potential reactions of, and interactions between, competitors and other value system participants to generate alternative business environment scenarios
  • Value modeling
    • Translate product and service performance attributes into quantified value enhancement for system participants
  • Concept generation
    • Generate product and serviceconcepts that deliver enhanced value
  • Execution planning
    • Identify key risks and the actions/information required to address them
    • Structure an adaptive action plan to resolve risks while minimizing downside exposure

"SPI helped us develop a winning go-to-market strategy and initiate key OEM business relationships. The engagement resulted in building immediate credibility in the market which kick started the business unit's growth."

General Manager
Software Group

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