Partners & Associates

SPI is a member of an active network of associates and entities with complementary approaches to helping companies realize organic growth by developing new offerings. SPI leads projects where appropriate. At other times SPI participates as a team member on projects lead by partner companies.

SPI draws on this network of seasoned business and product development professionals to staff each product. This approach allows us to deliver excellent value by:

  • Drawing on the right people/capabilities for a given project
  • Minimizing fixed costs and overhead
  • Quickly scaling up the resources as necessary

Innovation and product development partner companies include:

  • Product Genesis
  • GEN3 partners
  • Robust Systems and Strategy

"We partner with SPI to identify underserved market needs so our technical teams focus on generating novel, yet practical, product concepts. Together we have defined and initiated several profitable product lines for GEN3 customers."

GEN3 Partners

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